Peroni and MyTaxi drive you home
Peroni and MyTaxi drive you home

Relax, watch the game, enjoy the beer – Peroni and MYTAXI drive you home

Birra Peroni, our company in Italy, role models through its campaigns the way we engage our consumers with effective partnerships, encouraging moderate beer drinking and responsible behaviour.

In partnership with MYTAXI, Birra Peroni promotes an important message: don’t drink and drive. In July 2017 the two companies also partnered with 30 key retailers in Rome and Milan encouraging people to download the MYTAXI app and catch a taxi home using a 20 Euro bonus for the service.

This year, Birra Peroni and MYTAXI are together again during the most important international rugby tournament, the Six Nations Championships.

Birra Peroni and MYTAXI allow rugby enthusiasts to celebrate with a great beer in the ‘Third Period Peroni Village’ and return home safely. All the spectators of the Italian matches of the international rugby tournament in Rome can receive a 10 Euro bonus through the MYTAXI app to get a taxi home.

The rugby fans can watch the match and enjoy a Peroni beer; MYTAXI is the designated driver.

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