We rely on natural resources to create our world-class beers: water, agricultural crops and a variety of energy sources. To thrive in the long term, both our business and our communities rely on the availability and quality of these resources. We aim to ensure that our value chains and operations obtain and utilise resources in a way that minimises the environmental impact. This involves, maximising the efficiency of our operations, driving innovation in the way use resources, including minimising the waste and making it a valuable supply in the circular economy.  

Throughout human history, alcohol has played a part in social events, family gatherings and celebrations. We are proud to produce and sell high-quality, premium beers which, for many people, add to the enjoyment of these occasions. At the same time, we are well aware that inappropriate drinking behaviours can lead to a variety of problems for individuals, families and society. We will continue to play our part in addressing the harmful effects of irresponsible drinking in all the countries in which we operate, so that our beers can continue to be enjoyed by millions of responsible drinkers. Our policies on employee behaviour and marketing practices are among the most comprehensive in the industry. For our Responsible Marketing Policy: Click here We engage with our beer consumers and stakeholders to create effective partnerships to encourage responsible behaviour in ways that are designed and most appropriate for each market and culture.

Through our world-class beers and uncompromising integrity we will delight consumers, drive value for customers and enrich societies. Our brewing operations have been in existence for many years – some of them for centuries. And they often sit at the heart of communities and shared natural resources. In recent years we have made significant progress in improving the efficiency with which we use energy and water, and in reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill by finding alternative uses for it. And, as brewers, we know that beer has played a role in people’s social lives, celebrations, family gatherings and special events for centuries. But we also know that inappropriate drinking can cause harm. That is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct in our own business, and seek to work with partners to help address the harmful effects of alcohol abuse.

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