9th May 2017

St. Stefanus


An authentic Abbey beer carefully brewed in Ghent, Belgium, St Stefanus continues to mature and change with age, allowing you to choose how you want your beer to taste. Enjoy young for a fresh and fruity taste or let the beer mature for a more complex and aromatic drinking experience.


Blonde 3 Months: Sweet caramel nose with aromas of green apple, hints of peach and citrusy grapefruit notes.
Blonde 18 Months: Citrus fruit aromas become more like candied peel with hints of apricot and mango.


Blonde 3 Months: Fresh and fruity.
Blonde 18 Months: Complex and aromatic.

Ingredients and Brewing Process

St. Stefanus Blonde has roots dating back to 1295 with the brewing process developed by the monks of the Sint Stefanus Monastery in Ghent. The brewery draws ground water and sulphates are added to bring out the flavour of the hops (known as Burtonisation). The beer is brewed with three malts: Pale, Munich and Pilsner. St. Stefanus Blonde follows the traditional recipe of a ‘Dubbel’ brew technique, whereby twice the amount of malt than a standard Abbey Beer are added in order to achieve a higher ABV%. St. Stefanus is brewed using three different yeasts, the first yeast is added at the normal time and is top-fermenting. The other two, one of which is the Jermanus yeast strain from the Sint Stefanus Monastery itself, are added to the bottles at the last stage of brewing, known as secondary fermentation. The Jermanus yeast strain gives the beer its distinctive flavour and lively character. At the end of the fermentation, the beer is left unpasteurised and cellared for at least 3 months to allow it to develop deep and complex aromas. Each bottle features the release date so you can choose how you want your beer to taste.

Food Pairing

A 3 month St Stefanus Blonde with its fresh and fruity taste profile pairs excellently with seafood and poultry.
An 18 month St Stefanus Blonde with its rich, complex and aromatic flavours will pair fantastically with charcuterie boards, steaks, sausages and other red meats.