29th May 2017

Nastro Azzurro

We were born to go further.

Taking with us all the sun’s energy and the talent that we have inside.

The same which gives us a superior taste and quality that is recognised throughout the world.

We are the future generation and we share the same dream: demonstrating that Italian talent is without bounds.

Nastro Azzurro believes in projects born from a seemingly impossible dream. Such as the one by Fabio Zaffagnini, with Rockin’1000, who has been able to bring on stage the world’s largest rock band, composed of more than 1000 musicians.

The true story of a group of talents who found in Nastro Azzurro a Proud Supporter of their dreams and who shows that Italian talent knows no boundaries, just like the most popular Premium Italian beer in the world.

Nastro Azzurro. Takes you further.

Country of Origin: Italy

Beer Type: Lager

Taste Profile: Crisp and refreshing beer, Nastro Azzurro offers a delicate balance of bitterness with citrus and spicy aromatic notes, combined with a surprisingly fast and clean finish.