30th May 2017

Peroni Gran Riserva Rossa

Peroni Gran Riserva Red is a very high quality beer characterized by a long production process, the use of 100% Italian malt and a moderate alcohol content, making it an ideal meal accompaniment. Its organoleptic characteristics make it a drinkable beer despite belonging to the category of red beers, and its light body has a particular aromatic complexity with notes of malt and caramel. This result is achieved by the use of a production process that still retains the practice of the three mixtures of wort, and expensive traditional method now almost into disuse.

It is ideal to enhance the flavor of cured meats, cheeses and pizza.

The taste has been recognized as excellent by 8 prestigious international juries.

Country of origin: Italy

Beer Type: Red

Taste Profile: Full-bodied and at the same time easy to drink, with a warm aroma of malt and caramel conferred by traditional production process of “triple decoction“.