12th May 2017



Brewed in the small village of Velké Popovice, to Ceské pivo brewing standards since 1874. Kozel uses only the finest natural Czech ingredients to deliver a uniquely flavoursome, yet easy-drinking beer.


Flavoursome yet easy-drinking. Kozel offers subtle caramel notes and a noticeable pleasing bitterness.

Ingredients and Brewing Process

Two varieties of malt are used; Czech Pilsner pale malt, produced from spring two-row barley, and Czech caramel malt. Both combine to achieve Kozel’s richer colour and fuller flavour.

Brewed with Premiant hops, which are derived from Saaz hops, from the Žatec region, its profile is not as strong as other Czech varieties, producing a pleasant aroma with a more balanced bitterness.

‘Soft’ water drawn from forest spring wells surrounding the Velké Popovice brewery lends itself perfectly to lighter, lager style beers.

Using all natural ingredients, Kozel is brewed using a single decoction, all malt, two-phase fermentation process typical for Ceské pivo, producing a fuller flavour.

Bottom fermenting yeast is used with fermentation and maturation taking place in two separate tanks. This ensures that Kozel tastes richer, with a more complex aroma. Every keg of Kozel is brewed and packaged in the Czech Republic at our brewery in Velké Popovice.

Food Pairing

Traditionally accompanies a variety of grilled or barbecued meats such as ribs, pork belly and roast chicken.