Reducing water consumption in cleaning at Fuller’s Griffin Brewery

The Fuller’s Griffin Brewery underwent a project to observe and record data from cleaning cycles with the aim of reducing the amount of water used and waste water produced, whilst maintaining or even improving hygiene quality in our vessels. By taking into account variables including water pressure, duration of cycles and water temperatures, we conducted Read more about Reducing water consumption in cleaning at Fuller’s Griffin Brewery[…]

Growing better barley with fertiliser made of beer yeast

Beer is a natural product, and quality beer requires quality ingredients. We are dependent on the blessings of nature. Helping to maintain and improve the global environment directly contributes to our business growth. Based on this philosophy and aiming to Create Social Value initiatives, Asahi Group Holdings has created a new fertiliser (plant growth regulator) Read more about Growing better barley with fertiliser made of beer yeast[…]

Identifying innovative ways to recycle and reuse packaging

We are keen to evolve our consumer packaging recycling solutions to further minimise our environmental impact. We reuse most of our packagings, like kegs and refillable bottles, and the rest of our beer bottles and cans are fully recyclable. However, as we look to export more outside of Europe from our breweries in Italy, the Read more about Identifying innovative ways to recycle and reuse packaging[…]

Playing our role in supporting the recycling of consumer packaging

At Asahi Europe, we encourage recycling as it is less damaging to the environment and saves raw materials. We use lightweight materials and promote the reuse of our packaging. Our local business units are a member of national packaging institutions to support separate waste collection and packaging waste recycling. In the Netherlands, all our bottles Read more about Playing our role in supporting the recycling of consumer packaging[…]

Running waste-free for a cleaner environment

Efficient environmental stewardship is an integral part of the way we run our business at Asahi Europe. Minimising waste in our operations is a key aspect of good management, as we consume fewer resources and we reduce the impact on the environment. Our breweries run almost waste-free; 99.8% of the waste is reused in Netherlands Read more about Running waste-free for a cleaner environment[…]

Brewing great moments with character

World class beers require high-quality natural resources. Long-term thriving of our business relies on the availability of these resources, and the support of the communities where we operate. We are proud to see the outstanding results of our operations in the Netherlands. In 2017 Grolsch produced beer using one third less water than they used Read more about Brewing great moments with character[…]

Use of inland navigation

To transport export containers, Grolsch makes considerable use of inland navigation. At Combi Terminal Twente in Hengelo, the empty containers arrive by means of the Twentekanaal and are sent out again loaded. In this way, we save considerably on the CO2emissions. By means of inland navigation with a 40-45 ft. sea container, we save 71.2% Read more about Use of inland navigation[…]

Birra Peroni improves Puglia’s recycling

Sometimes, an apparently small initiative can have a major impact, particularly when it is locally targeted. Birra Peroni has a significant presence in Puglia, thanks to its brewery in Bari and a commercial network which spans the region. Almost all the reusable bottles used by the company are made at the Bari site. The initiative Read more about Birra Peroni improves Puglia’s recycling[…]