Birra Peroni improves Puglia’s recycling
Birra Peroni improves Puglia’s recycling

Sometimes, an apparently small initiative can have a major impact, particularly when it is locally targeted.

Birra Peroni has a significant presence in Puglia, thanks to its brewery in Bari and a commercial network which spans the region. Almost all the reusable bottles used by the company are made at the Bari site.

The initiative focused on Polignano a Mare, a town that has already made huge progress in environmental education, achieving major goals such as sorting of nearly 65% waste, securing Blue Flag status and the ‘4 Sails’ of Legambiente, an Italian environmental accolade given to resorts where environmental protection and respect for the territory are a major concern.

Birra Peroni wanted to help the town further improve its recycling rate, and involve the whole town in doing so. The company began by donating a glass crusher to the town, which can crush glass bottles of any size in a matter of seconds and collect the ground up packaging of 350 bottles in much less space than that of conventional bins for waste sorting. Located in a central and strategic part of town, this simple initiative represents both a tangible asset in fight against waste, and a visual reminder of the role everyone plays in environmental stewardship.

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