Drink-driving reaches the lowest level ever in the Netherlands

A study on driving under the alcohol influence conducted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works shows a significant decline on drink-driving in the Netherlands, from 4% in 2002 to the lowest level ever of 1.4% in 2017. Drink-driving is becoming an unacceptable social behaviour, with more and more people being aware of the Read more about Drink-driving reaches the lowest level ever in the Netherlands[…]

Craftmanship is mastery

Grolsch places a high value on character and entrepreneurship on the one hand and innovation and sustainability on the other. In 2015, to mark the occasion of its 400th anniversary, Grolsch created ‘The Grolsch Craftsmanship is Mastery Fund’. The purpose of the fund is to promote ‘craftsmanship’ in the regions of Twente and the Achterhoek, Read more about Craftmanship is mastery[…]

Peroni and MyTaxi drive you home

Relax, watch the game, enjoy the beer – Peroni and MYTAXI drive you home Birra Peroni, our company in Italy, role models through its campaigns the way we engage our consumers with effective partnerships, encouraging moderate beer drinking and responsible behaviour. In partnership with MYTAXI, Birra Peroni promotes an important message: don’t drink and drive. Read more about Peroni and MyTaxi drive you home[…]

Launch of FAS documentary

It is estimated that more than five hundred children in the Netherlands are born each year with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). This syndrome is the result of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. In February 2016, the documentary ‘FAS – A Silent Drama’ had its premiere. The documentary provides a picture of the problem of drinking alcohol Read more about Launch of FAS documentary[…]

Playing our role in supporting the recycling of consumer packaging

At Asahi Europe, we encourage recycling as it is less damaging to the environment and saves raw materials. We use lightweight materials and promote the reuse of our packaging. Our local business units are a member of national packaging institutions to support separate waste collection and packaging waste recycling. In the Netherlands, all our bottles Read more about Playing our role in supporting the recycling of consumer packaging[…]

Running waste-free for a cleaner environment

Efficient environmental stewardship is an integral part of the way we run our business at Asahi Europe. Minimising waste in our operations is a key aspect of good management, as we consume fewer resources and we reduce the impact on the environment. Our breweries run almost waste-free; 99.8% of the waste is reused in Netherlands Read more about Running waste-free for a cleaner environment[…]