Brewing great moments with character

World class beers require high-quality natural resources. Long-term thriving of our business relies on the availability of these resources, and the support of the communities where we operate. We are proud to see the outstanding results of our operations in the Netherlands. In 2017 Grolsch produced beer using one third less water than they used Read more about Brewing great moments with character[…]

Use of inland navigation

To transport export containers, Grolsch makes considerable use of inland navigation. At Combi Terminal Twente in Hengelo, the empty containers arrive by means of the Twentekanaal and are sent out again loaded. In this way, we save considerably on the CO2emissions. By means of inland navigation with a 40-45 ft. sea container, we save 71.2% Read more about Use of inland navigation[…]

Birra Peroni improves Puglia’s recycling

Sometimes, an apparently small initiative can have a major impact, particularly when it is locally targeted. Birra Peroni has a significant presence in Puglia, thanks to its brewery in Bari and a commercial network which spans the region. Almost all the reusable bottles used by the company are made at the Bari site. The initiative Read more about Birra Peroni improves Puglia’s recycling[…]